Calendar of Events/Video Archives

Dear Friends,

   We hold permaculture discussions from 2-4 pm every other Sunday afternoon at Crow Forest Permaculture, 3300 Old Farm Road, Blacksburg, VA.  These sessions are video taped, translated, and streamed to displaced persons and refugees in Ukrainian hospitals.  We usually start with a 1-hour theoretical discussion about themes in permaculture, and a 1-hour practicum out in the woods.  Learn locally while sharing globally with us!   Delicious garden-fresh snacks provided.

Click any of the links below to view unedited footage of some of our sessions, or to plan your next visit!


Christina, Junior, Fang, Parakh, Tim & Maureen

Introduction to Permaculture

 Functional Design Analysis 

Zone and Sector Analysis

Climatic Factors

Other video archives

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