Ethiopia- GreenPath

Our Co-founder Christina Zawerucha has accepted a position coordinating a permaculture pilot project in Butajira, Ethiopia, with a socially-conscious start-up called GreenPath Food.

To learn more about this inspirational company, please visit its website at 

GreenPath Food works with East African smallholder farmers on high-yield environmentally friendly agricultural techniques, and brings their exotic, organic produce to international markets.  GreenPath seeks to increase our partner farmers’ yields for fruits and vegetables by using organic, bio-diverse, sustainable farming practices. Increased fruits and vegetable yields will lead to higher incomes, and incentivize farmers to move away from growing less nutritious crops, like wheat or maize. With more nutritious foods on their farms, farmers will eat better, healthier foods at home.

Christina will be blogging about her experience working with GreenPath in Ethiopia on this page.

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