Permaculture Design Course

Permaculture for Peace Design Course

Crow Forest Permaculture is offering a 72-hour permaculture design course (PDC) over 36 2-hour sessions, every Sunday from 2-4 PM.  Students can attend the course in person at our 8-acre permaculture demonstration farm in Blacksburg, VA, or online through google hang-outs. Each 2-hour session is a $10 donation to the “Permaculture for Peace” project fund. Students can “drop in” for specific sessions, or attend all 36 sessions to receive a “72-hour Permaculture Design Certificate.”  Key participants may also opt to volunteer on-the ground in Ukraine in January 2015.  Scholarships and work-study available.

Suggested donation options
1 two-hour session (Pay as you go) $10.00 USD
Full 72-hour course $360.00 USD

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