Ukraine- Life at the Crossroads

Permaculture for Peace in Ukraine: The Challenge is the Solution

Crow Forest Permaculture, in collaboration with our partner NGO Permaculture in Ukraine, has launched a “Permaculture for Peace-building” 72-hour Design Course “Permaculture Roundtable” that is being video-taped, translated, and broadcast for free online to internally displaced refugees in Ukraine. Permaculture design strategies (described in greater detail below) will be introduced, explored, and implemented with the purpose of empowering internally displaced persons as they rebuild their homes and communities.  Participants will learn practical skills, including but not limited to small-scale, intensive systems designed to generate and store heat  energy (e.g. Solar ovens, solar glazing, thermal mass,) as well as provide strategies for food security (Greenhouse growing, succession garden design, food foraging, food preservation) and conflict resolution that incorporate permaculture principles.

One thought on “Ukraine- Life at the Crossroads

  1. Hello, I am Jeffrey Jay I currently sojourn in Tallahassee Florida and I am a minister of a church. I obtained my Permaculture certificate in 2009 and have done some work on my own project while I was living in Michigan. I am being led to do mission work in the Ukraine and want to incorporate Permaculture into the ministry work there. I am looking for people who will be willing and able to collaborate with me as well as help me gain more experience working in Permaculture. One of my targets is visit orphanages and teaching them Kingdom principles, English and Permaculture. I am currently learning Russian language although I am still new at it. My goal is to be able to speak fluently and be able to read and write as well. I will be looking forward to hearing back from you.


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